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jeudi 22 octobre 2009

Harold Perrineau interview with Kristin about Michael

You gotta love a man who likes to clear the air.

Harold Perrineau just rang up to kindly reveal an answer to our blind item—"Guess Who's Not Returning to Lost?"—which outed a former Lost star as a holdout to return for the final season.

It's not him.

Despite everyone and their mother's brother's lover (even the Los Angeles Times!) assuming Harold (Michael) was the Lost holdout, Harold reveals that he has not turned down an offer to return to the show.

So does that mean he's coming back?

"Honestly, no one has asked," Harold tells me. "But if I was asked to come back to Lost, indeed I would say yes. We all started that journey together, and I would love to be able to end it with everybody. It would be a great thing to do, to get to say goodbye to them all at the same time. I would love to go back and hang out a little bit."

Now, assuming that Lost is resetting the clock as rumored and going back in time to the original Flight 815, it would seem that there may be a serious glitch to bringing Perrineau back: Walt. After all, Malcolm David Kelley, who was a wee 13-year-old when the series started, now looks like he could be playing defense for the Lakers or voicing a Barry White biopic.

"That's what I was actually thinking would probably be the trickiest part," Perrineau says. "I mean, I know they've been going back and forth with time travel, but if we were to go all the way back, how do you do that? You'd have to recast [Walt]. Or do some crazy CGI, like Little Man. That would be weird!"

Despite the hullabaloo over the comments he made after Michael was killed off Lost, Harold tells me he honestly has no beef with the show. "Those people are my family. And not like my twisted, dysfunctional family, but people I totally love, you know what I mean? It was a great show for me and I'm really glad to be part of that."

"There are no hard feelings," Harold adds. "Period. That's the real truth."

Harold called in from Vancouver where he's currently shooting the sequel to 30 Days of Night: Darker Days—yay, vampires!—and is also working on an album "just for fun."

Personally, I would love to see Michael/Harold again before Lost's final credits roll—with or without Walt.

Anyone else feel the same? If so, join me in the comments to figure out a way around this whole Walt conundrum. Maybe we can catch Michael away from Walt hooking up with Sun in a bathroom stall at LAX? Or, ooh, Claymation? (This is why they do not ask me to write the show.)
Oh, and if you must point out the totally obvious Lost holdout (now that you know it's not Harold), feel free to do that too...

source : kristin eonline

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