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dimanche 18 octobre 2009

HIFF event photos and news !

Update 10:40PM Lot of photos of the event you can see here thanks Sl-LOST
HIFF photos

Update 2:35PM
ryan podcast where you can hear the HIFF event !

big thanks of twitter people for sharing news with us !
here fews photos

seem the dharma van will be also in auction !
big poster of LOST and items for fans, i'm jealous, i want it too lol

The Royal Hawaiian Theater where darlton were !

source :
@twitter HIFF

"LOST" Master Class 1 underway. Jack Bender isn't here, busy editing the Season 6 opener. Co-executive director Jean Higgins holding court.

"LOST" Master Class 1 over, in line for Class 2. Jean Higgins says they're working on doing the beach premiere for Season 6. Hallelujah!

"LOST" Master Class 3 is over. Prop guy says his favorite two props ever, in all the series, will be seen in Season 6. Off to Waikīkī.

source : @twitter Hawaii


here you can see again the dharma van, the room of the event and also actors with darlton

source : @horrorbot twitter

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