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mardi 19 janvier 2010

Short interview from FanCast

When you visited the ‘FlashForward’ set, did you ask Sonya Walger if she would be returning to ‘Lost’? I can’t see them ending the show without some resolution for Penny and Desmond. – Steven
‘Yes, you will see Penny again,” Walger confirmed, even though, she noted, that storyline has been “fairly well wrapped up” and even Henry Ian Cusick failed to score a spot on the final season’s cast of regulars. Walger though is “absolutely delighted” to offer up an extra bit of closure, saying, “I loved playing Penny and they’ve written wonderful stuff for me to do, historically, so I’d be sad not to go and sign her out.”

So, it’s the last season of ‘Lost’ – will all of the questions accumulated over the show’s run be answered? – Jim
“Some major questions get answered along the way this season – and they’re not all saved up for the finale,” Daniel Dae Kim told me last week in Los Angeles. But please take note of his use of the word “some.” Executive producer Carlton Cuse warns, “Obviously not every question is going to be answered, so some people are going to be upset. [But] trying to literally explain everything down to the last little midi-chlorian would be a mistake in our view.” Outstanding use of the word midi-chlorian, BTW.


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