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lundi 25 janvier 2010

Cast talk about the season finale

Lost Finale: "You're Gonna Love It Or Hate It"

Sky1 recently caught up with the stars of Lost and found out some surprising revelations. When asked to sum up what the Lost audience will make of the final season in under three words, the cast were reassuringly cryptic.

Daniel Dae Kim who plays Jin Kwon declared that fans would feel “Content” while Evangeline Lilly felt that the finale would cause a divide amongst fans saying “They’re either gonna love it or hate it.”

Things got s little more revealing as Josh Holloway joked that the final episode of season 6 would be called “Cage Orgy” hinting that the whole cast would be locked in a cage to recreate the famous Sawyer and Kate love scene in season 3. Now that’s something I think every Lost fan would want to see!


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