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jeudi 21 janvier 2010

From Kristin

Lost Video: Michael Emerson Startles Terry O'Quinn With Talk of "Pre-Redemption"
"What the hell does that mean?"

This is how Terry O'Quinn reacts to Michael Emerson in the video clip above, as Michael talks about whether Ben can be redeemed for killing Terry's character, John Locke.

"That is really twisted," Terry adds, after Michael explains his logic.

These two incredibly talented actors star on a little island show called Lost, which is gearing up for the final season on Feb. 2, and here are the other intriguing things Michael and Terry revealed about what's ahead for Locke and Ben (don't worry, none of it is too spoilery)...

Ben's and Locke's fate is, um, uncertain. Terry's quick aside that "I don't think in the end there's gonna be any Ben and Locke" certainly gives me pause. I, for one, am still hoping for a revived John Locke somehow! Tell me I'm not alone.
Terry is pleased with his material for the final season. As he should be, 'cause don't forget what I mentioned before, that he's gonna serve up at least one jaw-dropper that will make you scream.
Michael has "less hope" that Ben will turn out to be a surprisingly good guy in the end. Interesting, right? Could this mean Ben is getting even darker? Batten down the hatches, people.
These guys both should have won Emmys and Globes by now. Is there any doubt? I mean, John Lithgow was pretty great on Dexter so it's hard to argue his Golden Globe win on Sunday, but the Hollywood Foreign Press better make an exception next year and give both Terry and Michael awards for the final season of Lost. If this dream team does end up hitting the "regional theater" together, as Michael suggests, I sure hope that region is Broadway so they can at least clean up at the Tonys.
Does anyone follow Michael's logic of Ben being "pre-redeemed"? It's a fascinating concept, but can he truly be forgiven for all the evil he has done, and his hands be washed clean of Locke's blood? Join me to discuss all of Terry's and Michael's possible revelations in the comments below...

Also, I'm heading to Hawaii next week, and Michael and Terry will be there, so please share any questions you have for them and/or the rest of the cast.


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