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vendredi 30 mai 2008

darlton talk about 2 Spectacular kiss !

darlton told about 2 spectacular kiss in finale season, we know the one but what is the second ?

enjoy !

Damon Lindelof: Everything's gonna come together in this final two hours. We're gonna see how the Oceanic Six get off the Island. We're gonna see why they start lying. We're gonna see who doesn't get off the Island and see why some of them choose to stay.
Carlton Cuse: And we're gonna see a big kiss—a really big juicy kiss—between two characters.
D.L.: A spectacular kiss.
C.C.: And it's gonna be very good for people who are very involved with the Jack-Kate-Sawyer romantic triangle. You're going to see a lot more about that in this finale.
D.L.: So you're saying that kiss is gonna happen between two of those characters. Jack and Sawyer perhaps?
C.C.: I'm gonna say not Jack and Sawyer. I'm gonna say you can probably pick two other sides of the triangle.
D.L.: I'm gonna go one better than "there's one spectacular kiss": There are two spectacular kisses in the show...between four different people—not kissing each other. They happen at different times in the show.
C.C.: And they aren't the same characters kissing each other twice, so that will be good.
D.L.: Separate kisses.

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