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samedi 4 avril 2009


you can't imagine how i'm happy !! darlton where so funny and cute, i really love them
here the vids i bought and i share with you of course lost fan :)
they were AMAZING don't you think ? give me your opinion ok ? :D
kinda spoilers on those one by darlton, not big true but still as fans you can't be more exciting can you ? :D


Question about Why kate never learnt sawyer killed Cooper or the Real Sawyer
i dunno you but i really didn't understood WHY she never learnt since she was the first people he told his story so here darlton answer ^^

I'm the only to be interested in the island discovery ? how EVERYTHING started ? 'cause this is what i want to know, i mean the island is the most intrigued place and i want to know why the island isn't an ordinary island lol

When they chose all losties connection in season 1 ? here it was my question :)so here it's darlton answer^^

Not a question here, just a gift for my friends skaters on outlaws forum :) thanks darlton for your words for them <3 we love you

WHO didn't loved the last episode of lost ? how evi was amazing on it, i wanted to thanks them ! and also me BIG skater and since this episode shown kate still loved sawyer during those 3 years and we all know he loves juliet now, i wanted to ask them if sawyer and kate will take the same train one day again lol
enjoy skaters fans ^^

Locke and Sawyer are my fav character and with time travel story i wondering something about the brig and our mister eyeslyner ^^ Richard Alpert :)

another intrigued questions for me 'cause sawyer and kate have many connection about babies/kids, aaron, clementine, now ben potter ! here their answer :)

and voila it's done
now what can i say
21 days before i could meet them and maybe thanks them myself !!

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

These vids are wonderful, Lyly! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Now... where are you going to hand all those autographed photos of Darlton? One in the kitchen, one in the salon, one in the bedroom, etc?


Anonyme a dit…

Can't wait to see both of them in Paris. ^^

Anonyme a dit…

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