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samedi 11 avril 2009

Liveautos event, lyly got her items and share with you :)

guys hello ^^ for now i didn't get my poster but i got my scripts and photos and dvds and what a surprise !!!! darlton signed "the constant" script !! not the pilot !!
i took pics of me with my items and then i scanned it to give you look of everything, such amazing days for me :D
btw i noticed i got certificat of authenticity number 1,2 and 3 lol
i was the first to get my script signed by the cast :D

btw i noticed another thing and for me it's very important, if you look the date they finished the finale production draft of the pilot it was 19th april 2004, it's the aniversary of the death of my grandma and lost is very important for me, when they did it, it has been 4 years i lose her

that's funny and also fantastic coincidence :)
so enjoy my photos and videos :)

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Franzo a dit…

C'est franchement super!!! Je suis content pour toi :D