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mercredi 22 avril 2009

a chat with damon and Carlton

It’s been a long, strange ride over the course of five seasons, but if you’ve followed “Lost” all along from the very beginning of the series, then Season 5 has almost certainly felt like a pay-off for all of the waiting you’ve endured. Indeed, the staff of Bullz-Eye has voted “Lost” into the top spot on our bi-annual TV Power Rankings for the first time in the history of the show. It would seem that this accomplishment pleased executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, given that they cheerily agreed to chat with us about the show. It will probably come as no surprise to you that they weren’t willing to unabashedly offer up spoilers about what viewers can expect to see in the weeks ahead, but they did provide us with a few teases here and there, along with clarification on how the show settled into a groove after declaring its end date and their picks for their personal favorite episodes of Season 5.

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