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vendredi 15 mai 2009

'Lost': Josh Holloway, dude, it's time to cash in on your awesomeness already!

I agree with this article and i hope josh will be nominated this year for the emmy ! him and lizzie should deserve it and also evi prestation for the separation with aaron ! let's hope it will be happen !


If anything, last night's season finale of Lost made two things crystal clear to me: (1) The show is coming to an end pretty soon, finally; and (2) Josh Holloway is definitely the best thing about Lost's top-notch acting ensemble. Apropos of both points, then, here's my question for the guy who plays Sawyer/James/LaFleur: Isn't it about time you became a big star already, my man? C'mon! Get on with it! The show's ending, game on!

I'm serious here -- besides being the justifiable subject of many a woman/man crush (sure, I'm guilty as charged), Holloway proved in this breakthrough season that he really is a terrific actor with depth and charisma to spare. I mean, why did everyone respond so well (and so quickly) to the out-of-nowhere Sawyer-Juliet romance? Why did it seem to resonate so much more than pretty much every other love affair on Lost this side of Rose and Bernard? As Jon Lovitz would say, "Acting!" (Yes, credit is also due to Elizabeth Mitchell, though we already knew she was great.) All season long, Holloway totally sold it, making us believe that Sawyer truly is a lover and a fighter. And in the season finale he completely cemented his status as a leading man-to-be.

This guy has got to become a movie star. And now, with one year remaining on Lost, it's the perfect time to begin. Holloway had once been slated to appear as Gambit in Wolverine, and while he'd be a good choice for most any superhero character, I can see him in a range of movies -- from romantic comedies to thrillers -- playing good guys and bad. Certainly, he has what it takes to be the show's big breakout; after all, none of the other actors have managed to seriously capitalize on their fame.

Don't you agree, PopWatchers? What should be Holloway's next move? Think maybe George Lucas should consider starting up a Han Solo spin-off franchise for him?

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