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samedi 28 février 2009

Malcom's interview about Walt's story

here an interview with Malcom who share with us his feeling about Walt's story and if he thinks we'll see him again !

Malcolm David Kelley wants closure.

Just like the rest of us, MDK is a hard-core Lost fan, which means he is dying to know more about what makes Walt so "special," and he even has some ideas about where Walt might fit in season six. We just spoke to MDK exclusively, and he shared his pitch for Walt's future and what he knows about the kid's superpowers.

Read on for the inside track about the future of WAAALT!

After last night's brief but tantalizing return engagement, Malcolm is ready and willing to go another round with Lost. "I would like to come back for a long stretch, but it’s not up to me. It’s up to the writers."

In fact, after having been a recurring character for seasons two through five, he'd be down with returning to regular-castmember status for season six. "That would be cool."

Like the rest of us, MDK is intrigued by the hints about Walt's "special" qualities and wants to know more. He says that Walt is man with a mission; he just needs to find his jumping-off point: "He knows something’s going on because he has those magic powers, and he didn’t get to fulfill his purpose of being on the Island, and now he’s back home, but I think he knows what’s going on. I think if he had the chance to [go back] he would, but I think he feels he wants somebody to ask him or to feel like they need him."

Attention, Darlton: Would someone please call Walt back to the Island? Please?

As for those "magic powers," MDK personally has no doubt that Walt is indeed a human with special abilities: "I am really convinced he has those magic powers. I think he can make anything happen that he wants to. Remember with the polar bear? He brought the polar bear out of the book. I think [his abilities] are totally independent of the Island, but I think it is a place where he can really use his powers. At home he can’t really do anything with his powers, 'cause he’d be just kind of a weird kid—on the Island is where he can be free." Awww, no wonder he gets along so well with Terry O'Quinn's medicine-man character John Locke.

MDK even has some ideas he's been working up for actual scenes where Walt makes his triumphant return: "I’ve actually been thinking about this so much! I’ve been wanting to write my own episode and send it to Damon [Lindelof] and them. Like, I’d pitch it myself. One episode, the opening is me sitting in a chair on the phone on the Island and just talking business and stuff. I don’t know. I’ve just been reading so much into it." Hey! Us too! Lost high-five!

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