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jeudi 13 août 2009

My review on "V" pilot

hi guys, i got chance to see "V" pilot yesterday night and i thought i could share with you a review concerning this episode. this is my first review so i hope i'll do it great.

V is very an new interesting show, i never watched the first version around the he 1980's but i chose to follow it 'cause of Elizabeth Mitchell that i really loved on LOST.

the 5-10 first minutes introduced every main characters, you can't tell exactly what will be their role on the show in those minutes but it was introduced in a good way, different storylines and you wonder but HOW they'll get to meet eachother ?!

during those minutes you can see there is earthquake and you can see how people reacted, the fear of what is going on and then you met the leader of the Visitors : Anna (Morena Baccarin). If you watched the first sneak peek we got that i'll post here, you can see a bit of this moment.

There is a "funny" moment during the meeting 'cause at once moment she spoke in french and i'm french and i really enjoy to hear people speaking french on movie and show ^^

After the meeting with the visitors, you can see during the pilot different way people dealt with it, some will love them and even give them a devotion, some will fear them or not sure what faith they've to believe, that's the way you'll more meet one of the main cast the priest jack (Joel Gretsch).

Jack is a very interesting character, he's someone who believe in god but not sure what it should do concerning the V. In contrary the father thinks the V is a good sign for them and the church.

You meet too Erica Evans and her son Tyler (Logan Huffman), she works on FBI and you can see already weird thing happened in her job too. Tyler and Erica seems to have complicated relationship, tyler is in "love" with the V people and got chance to be more close of them...

There is also a kinda new Hurley on this show, it's tyler's friend and he said all time dude lol

Also, you meet Ryan (Morris Chestnut) who seems to want to just have his simple life with valerie (Lourdes Benedicto) the woman he loves.
Chad Decker (Scott Wolf) is a reporter very ambisious who will get Anna attention for the good or the worst ? We can't tell yet !

during the episodes you can have mixed feeling about the V people, you can see the good side of them with chad or tyler and the worst and dangerous with erica, jack, ryan and others people.

when the episode end, you know things will never be the same for all of them.
I really enjoy the effect when you see the spacial ship and the "utopia town"
All the actors are very great and interesting, some more mysterious as ryan, Anna or the beautiful Lisa (Laura Vandervoort) that Tyler will have a crush and the others are "normal" (at least for now lol) but i love the mix between normal people and the aliens too.

I loved the Logo too, it's simply a V letter but written in blood it seem at first, it was scary too lol like when you watch horror movie i could say !

I don't know if i've favorite scene but there is a scene between Chad and Anna and the way they shown it and how she spoke it was scary lol

If you love those kind of show and also Elizabeth Mitchell !
trust me you'll like it :)

next to come in fews days, my review on flash forward pilot !
stay tuned !

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Boby a dit…


How did you get the pilot? just curiosity xD

I'm looking forward to reading your review about Flash Forward. This other new show doesn't convince me too much...

patrick a dit…

Wow! Awesome project.... web development