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samedi 12 décembre 2009

Kate and Sawyer, Two Sexual Icons in Hawaii

Not so spoilery,but for us Skaters this interview is really good and it's very recent.Thanks a lot to Helena that found it and to Christina that translated it from Spanish to English.

Kate and Sawyer, Two Sexual Icons in Hawaii

In case you make landfall on an island that is deserted at first and have to choose the company you'll keep, a good portion of the LOST audience would stay with Kate or Sawyer. A freckled girl with green eyes who would rob a bank as easily as she would steal your heart? A well-read, tough guy who underneath the guise of an aggressive front hides the noblest feelings? Yes, them. An island, and on the island, a beach, and on the beach, a man and a woman. They act on Police Beach, where the survivors of flight 815 set up camp. But that was within a few hours and within a few hours more. Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway, must-have "guests" in Oahu, set aside the filming of the sixth season in order to fulfill their duty with the media, always for icons. And here are two. Disney-ABC insists: "Photography is not allowed." Now more than ever...what a pity!

At First Sight

Evageline Lilly comes off duty with naturalness. She smiles relentlessly. She sports a mane of dark hair, although she warns that this "look" differs from those of her last scenes, the 10th episode of season six: "This hair is only for you guys." Matching with that, the shoes on her feet, a dazzling black, patent leather. She is even skinnier than she appears on the small screen. Her summer dress is a bright red, the ultimate factor that would open the doors of any party for her, contrasts with the scratches on her arms, so abundant that one hesitates to even ask the cause.

Josh Holloway appears guffawing. Dressed up light jeans and a shirt thick, generously open and rolled up at the sleeves. His blond hair was shining, but less than his teeth, highlighted by the dark and the two-day old beard, enclosed. Being photogenic is always on his side, no matter the angle. Charming, he asked those present about their stay. After he has greeted everyone, he directs himself towards the video cameras surrounding him: "Hello, digital friends." Asked if he likes giving interviews, he lets out a new roar of friendly laughter and shoots out a look of complicity.


Her: LOST is more popular internationally than in the U.S. It is wonderful that the whole world accepts what you are creating. I am totally fascinated by other cultures. I like to 'absorb' the people and their customs, but it is impossible to 'absorb' when you are 'absorbing' you, because they are interested in Kate at all times. They have ruined travelling for me.

Him: I immediately knew it was going to be a hit. I went to a bar and saw the audience for the pilot episode. The next day I went to that same bar, all sweaty because I had just come from the gym. Then, two girls were standing staring at me and said, “Uh!” [Sawyer makes a sound that might denote either approval or disgust] '. And I realized I could no longer go out like this. Now try to go to places presentable.

Sex Symbols

Her: Still, I have a very normal life. I have benefited so much from the series. It doesn’t matter what I want to do: LOST has given me the opportunity to choose. Most important is to be able to enjoy that freedom.

Him: It's funny being a sex symbol, because I'm 40 years old, married and have a daughter. I tend to point out to my wife: “You see? They still like me!” If I were 22 and single, things would surely be different. Now I have other interests in life. I want to be with my family. There is tremendous pressure and I understand my role, but I am a very homely guy.

Shared Love

Her: Kate truly and genuinely loves both [Jack and Sawyer]. I've been thinking about this to myself for six years and done research on it. It is possible to love two people at once. There is a different kind of love for each one. When I watched Kate in the third season, I wanted to hit her over the head with something. She was quite fickle, from one to the other and back again. I was desperate, but not anymore. It's nice to see how she can now love them both without having to jump from one bed to another.

Him: I completely believe it: it is possible to love both of them at the same time [Juliet and Kate]. They are different kinds of love. Kate simply exists. And Sawyer's love for Kate is undeniable. Both have tried to avoid it in every way possible, but it doesn’t matter: they get stuck together once again [Holloway gives a clap and narrows his hands]. On the other hand, the relationship with Juliet is different. He chose that relationship. It's something that requires nurturing with friendship and sacrifice.


Her: Kate is sweet and stubborn. No one likes you if you're too stubborn, and she is stubborn to the extreme. But she has a big heart. It's the type of person that, whether they know you or not, if you are in danger or need anything, they will help you. Their immaturity makes it so that she cannot help herself, but she can help others. We are one in the same: for example, as with Kate, I love climbing trees [that explains the scratches on her arms and the band-aid that tops her thumb]. In our hearts and in our cores, we are the same person.

Him: One of the most brilliant things that the writers have done with Sawyer is that he is pursued by Karma. Each time he does something wrong, he gets a beating or something to the like. I think that is why he is still alive: because he is constantly paying for what he does to people


Her: LOST had potential to be good with the female roles. And I think I lost it a bit. The series is heavily dominated by men.

Him: It's been phenomenal to grow with the character. The writers are brilliant. It is rare that a television series never repeats phrases or situations.

The Finale

Her: It will have a bittersweet taste. I assure you I will cry when the season is over, but it's because I really miss everything. The team, the cast... the entire LOST family. They have cared for me during these six years. It's very sad, but there it is: I signed a contract. The fact that my life will once again be mine and I can go out and enjoy all the wonderful opportunities that this series has given me makes me very excited. I'm 30 and everything ahead of me. I'll start to live again. It's my turn.

Him: Don’t ask me about it because I don’t have a clue. The truth is that I am worried, especially for Sawyer. I hope he gets a second chance off the island.

What Now?

Her: I don’t usually make plans. I am an “opportunist.” I go wherever the wind takes me, but I've been very involved in humanitarian work and I want to do it again. The acting is a one-day job. I'm a writer and I write short stories, screenplays, children's stories ...

Him: For now, I know my wife, my daughter and I will stay here in Oahu for the rest of our lives.

How They Get LOST in Hawaii

Her: I surf, even though I haven’t done it for a while ... A bummer (downer). I get spots on my face, something that hadn’t happened to me before in my life. I'm from the North; I am not accustomed to tropical heat.

Him: What I like most about Oahu is my house. Because it's private! Of course, I have a boat, I go out sailing with my family, I fish, we cook the fish we caught in a cove, we drink a good wine ... It is a truly magical island.


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