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dimanche 6 décembre 2009

Rarely promo pics behind the scene or of the episode for all seasons

Edit 09:04PM I'm lost fan as all of you and it take me a lot of hours to figure how to get those pics, I share online for fans so what i ask it's just simple...CREDIT THE PEOPLE WHO TOOK TIME FOR YOU or i'll not share anymore when i see how people can respect me.
well i can say it's just the beginning and maybe my dream to get all promo pics of LOST will finally happen which it mean to for you :)
here severals you never saw before and stay tuned each weeks for more !
others posted on the gallery to see the one i added check this link promo pics posted

and exclusivity too
very very rarely promo pics of the cast s3

6 commentaires:

Cris a dit…

Thanks very very much Lyly.

It would be awesome if you could get more pictures from Elizabeth Mitchell. Please.

Thanks in advance.

lyly ford a dit…

thanks cris, it will happen just be patient, there is a lot of characters and i love lizzie too so don't worry :)

Cris a dit…

Oh, I'm patient.:)

Thanks very much for all the effort and time dedicated to us, Lyly!

lyly ford a dit…

my pleasure :) and if you love lizzie check my other blog, she's V main character now after all no ? ;)

Cris a dit…

I also check your other blog. Your blogs are bookmarked. The two of them. :)

Loved the promotional pictures you posted for episodes 1 and 2 of V. Some pictures of Elizabeth were unseen to me. Thanks very much. :D

lyly ford a dit…

oh cool ^^ you can comment on V there if you want too, i'll post pic of epi 103-104 probably tomorrow, i hope you'll like it too :)