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mercredi 23 décembre 2009

snippets of Josh Holloway's interview with TV GUIDE

Here fews Qs Josh answered when TV GUIDE went to see him fews weeks ago !

If you could have played any other character on Lost, who would it have been and why? —Christine
Good question! Terry O’Quinn’s character [Locke], but I don’t have the wisdom that his age naturally brings. That character’s so vulnerable and struggling off the island. But on the island, he’s such a badass. That dichotomy would be fun to play.

If you were a Lost writer, which characters would you have hooked up on the show because of the great chemistry the actors have with each other? —Chlo
Ana Lucia and Sawyer would have been a fun, volatile romance after their animalistic meeting out in the woods.

Out of all of Sawyer’s nicknames, which is your favorite? And have you ever ad-libbed any? —Robert
Stay Puff for Hurley. Mr. Clean for Locke. Slingshot Sally for Ben’s daughter, Alex. I came up with Sweet Cheeks for Shannon in the pilot. I also ad-libbed one they didn’t use. I called Ken Leung Ping-Pong when he had a grenade in his mouth!

Since playing Sawyer, have you had any nightmares about islands, being polar-bear food, bombs or time travel? —Yonomeaburro
Constantly! And I’ve had dreams of being with cast members on a boat that changes into a magic carpet.

Do you think that Sawyer will ever meet his daughter, Clementine? —Sally
Wow, I have no clue. That’s something I would like to see. Even if they don’t meet, his intention to meet her would be important to me. To see him off the island with her name and address on a piece of paper.

Please tell me you are not really going to shave off all that beautiful hair when the show is over. Are you? —D.J.
I did say I was going to shave a Mohawk in when we wrapped the last day, and I may still. Were it not for Lost, I would have changed it up by now.

Why did you let go of me and watch me fall to my death? That was not cool. I thought we had something. —Juliet
Oh, God! I prefer brunettes. Kidding! I did not let go of her. She let go of me!

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source : tv guide

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