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mardi 5 février 2008

kristin spoilers !

anet in Eugene, Oregon: That was a great Hurley interview, but you forgot the biggest question of them all. What was with the Eskimo watercolor painting he was drawing? Was that an Easter egg?
Funny. Jorge himself brought that up and said that if anyone asks, he wanted everyone to know that that painting is hugely important because it was drawn by...Jorge himself. “I just thought to myself, what would Hurley be drawing? And given that he didn’t want an ocean view and wanted to be as far away from the island as possible, that seemed like the farthest place.” That's all it meant, according to J.G.

Alex in Chicago: So, Lost! Is Naomi now "all dead"? Because I kind of love Marsha Thomason. I'd like to see more of her.
Me too! She's now all dead, but she is, let's say, a presence in the next two episodes (at least).

Dave in St. George, Utah: So, what's up with these freighter people?
There are four of them, and the one that wasn't credited as a regular in the season premiere is my personal fave. Two of the others remind me of Sawyer (snarky and kind of mean) and Juliet (beautiful and capable), and the fourth? Well, before too long he's gonna be truuuh-bul.

Emmy on Louisville, Kentucky: Can you tell us any more about this "fascinating" Sawyer-Kate scene in episode three?

In the Island's big game of capture the flag, Kate gets tagged out by the other team and sent to "jail." Lucky for her, she's in good with the jailer...

Masha in Miami: Any news on Ben's relationship with Locke this season?

Well, before too long, it's better than Locke's relationship with Jack.

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