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samedi 23 février 2008

some spoilers

The official description says something like Desmond experiences some side effects. Well that is most definitely true, but not only for Desmond. We’re also going to learn a little bit about Frank Lapetus that will surprise us, no he isn’t the man on the boat but he does have a soft spot for happy couples and may know a thing or two about how to ‘reach out and touch’ someone.

‘Professor’ Faraday will be a feature player in Desmond’s flashes, and look for a twist on the “Flashes Before Your Eyes” formula. Not something that hasn’t been done, but something that will be done again to a new extreme.

Are the freighties good or bad? Well the four we have met so far may be a little ambiguous, but the ones onboard the ship are most certainly not the warm and welcoming sort. Not all of them anyways.

Source: UGO


Desmond! Next week it's all about our favorite nude beach runner and what happens to him and Sayid in the freighter-copter. (Note: The turbulance toggles his "time travel"-y switch and flashes to a run-in with Daniel Faraday as he is a professor at Oxford...This is the clip we see in the preview in which short-haired Des says to long-haired D.F. "Am I gonna die?" And it should be mentioned that Desmond also could survive off the island and not be counted as one of the Oceanic Six since he wasn't on the manifest.)

And the week after that, it's...

Smooch time! Chances are, you already know the players (tsk, tsk, tsk). But I think many of you will like the development of that romance. are also getting very close to the return of Harold Perrineau (Michael), which makes me want to kiss someone my own self. His episode (number 8) will fill in where he's been since we last saw him, and I think you'll be pleased.

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