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mardi 12 février 2008


kristin spoilers !

Veronika in Warsaw, Poland: Anything on episode six of Lost? I'm dying to know at least a little tidbit here and there.
The flashback features a look at Juliet's history on the Island, including her reaction to the death of her lovah Goodwin at the hands of Ana-Lucia. I truly cannot wait to see Elizabeth Mitchell in action again.

Malena in Providence, Rhode Island: What exactly do the Lost boaties want from Ben? Is he an enemy or a curiosity?
It won't be clear for some time to come. According to Rebecca Mader, who plays Charlotte and is totally lovable in every way, "I really don't know what we know about Ben, and I don't even know what we know about the Island, so I just had to play Charlotte that way. [Laughs] I really didn't know what the f--k I was doing!"

Peter in San Antonio, Texas: Do you know anything more about Miles' powers?
I don't know about Miles' specifically, but I have heard from two different sources that in an upcoming episode the boat folks appear to test each other for psychic powers. Hmmm...

and thank andy for this spoiler ! you rock !!

Just a little something for all you Jacket fans who've felt a little left out of all the spoilers so far this season. I can report some good news to you all in that Jack and Juliet will share a passionate kiss in Episode 4.06 - The Other Woman.

Source: DarkUFO

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