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vendredi 8 février 2008

some spoilers !

kristin spoilers
The previews promised another Oceanic Six reveal next week, but we will also learn about another major main character who's out in the world in the future, who doesn't fall under that banner. Who is that person? The end of this ep pretty much gives it away.

Remember the headspace Sayid was in at the beginning of the series, where he was gonna go straight and not torture people anymore and try to play nice with his fellow man? Well, in the future, that's all shot to hell. Emphasis on shot.

When I caught up tonight with Jeff Fahey (Frank the kick-ass "drunk" pilot), he told me what the fans have accused him of being God, Satan or some dude who's there to impregnate the women on the island. And the clincher? He hinted that one of those is true. What the hey? For more gorey details on that, check back next week for the video, but in the meantime...

Source: E!Online

Naveen spills beans on Lost

Naveen Andrews has apparently revealed that his character in Lost, Sayid, will be seen in a whole new light in the new series.

The British actor, 39, is back on Sky One in the fourth season of the hit sci-fi show as an Iraqi and former Republican Guard Soldier.

He told The Guardian: "You'll see him in a new light and it's genuinely surprising. It took me by surprise. There is romance, but I can't say where it is or how it is. It's a bit raunchy."

Source: Guardian Newspaper UK

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