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lundi 14 avril 2008

EW interview

you can see josh, emerson and jorge told about the new episode and look the set, you'll discover something new...
thank andy to send me vid lol ew sucks for me -_-

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LostPerdidos a dit…

Hi Lyly this is the spanish vid ' s translation :

-Everything happens to them.
-Each season is better than the last one.
- The episode ends and you don't notice.
-It grips you from the beginning.
-Its the definitive show.
-Jack is a fighter...
-Hes not as good as he seems.
-Locke goes freely.
-He knows everything.
-He is the key.
-I like Sawyer.
-You likes Sawyer
-I like him joking everybody.
-They make a good couple.(Kate & Sawyer on screen)
-Survival looks great on them.Kate & Jack on screen)
-It breaks the mold
-They are marked by his destiny

Lost, Lost, Lost, Lost(Terry)