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mardi 15 avril 2008

news spoilers

i knew !! it was so obvious lol thank andy for the confirmation

I'll let you all know now that the her April Fools list of 10 items, the correct one was "7. Jin, Sawyer and Locke are alive on the Island in the future.".

Erin in Woolwich, N.J.: Where is my Lost scoop from Hawaii?!
Check back April 21 when we're launch Lost Week, with four straight days of interviews with your fave castmembers.

Marylin in Columbus, Ohio: Your April Fools Lost posting has been driving me insane ever since! How about a hint on which one is true?
it involves one of my all-time favorite Losties. And it is good news! Got it?

Source: E!Online


Episode 4.11-12 - Cabin Fever - Locke v Science and Freighter Filming Update
I know there has not been much new to post about filming for Season 4 of LOST, but I did chat with our good friend Ryan@TheTransmission to ask him if there were any updates. He did confirm that over the last week or so that the LOST crew has been busy filming scenes "at sea" on the freighter and deep in the secluded parts of the forest where Team Locke and Jack first split up.

Unfortunately with the cast and crew filming in remote locations, it has been hard to get any good spoilers or scoops.

However, spies were able to confirm that some of the actors on the freighter seen were Sayid, Desmond, and Michael and that they "think" they saw Sun, Jin, and Kate!? This is interesting because this could be mean that the early stages of the "rescue" and formation of the Oceanic 6 are being filmed.

NOTE: The freighter scenes could possibly be for Episode 4x12

Also, after chatting with Ryan he did mention that his new podcast was up and that I should check it out (which I did and it was great) to see if we missed posting anything. Well it seems like there was a little tidbit that we did miss about the filming of Locke's childhood high school scenes.

During the podcast Ryan describes how had a chance to watch a scene get filmed inside the classroom and that it was a scene with Young Locke speaking with his teacher and that he seemed quite upset when he said: "Don't you understand science can't solve everything!!"

So it seems like this episode will not only explore Locke's childhood but also more about the Man of Science v. Man of Faith debate that has played a central role in his character.

Also what other potential goodies will we get this episode that link the concepts of science v faith!?

As always thanks for stopping by and namaste.

Source: ODI

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