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mardi 15 avril 2008

Oceanic5 at the funeral

Update: 16th April Thanks to The ODI for the heads up on an update from Ryan.

This is definitely 4x12, and Stephen Williams was directing.

The person singled out in the photo is not Matthew Fox, but I'd heard he was expected. And now I have confirmation that he did arrive, and was filming inside the church.

I also have confirmation that it's Christian Shephard's funeral.


thank Ryan for this spoiler ! wow sound interesting !
“LOST” landed in Kaimuki this morning, at St. Patrick’s Church on Waialae Avenue. The parking lot was staged with shiny BMWs and Mercedes (and a couple of black stretch limousines) with California plates. And as an unusually large number of extras arrived, all dressed in black, it became clear they were there to film a funeral scene.

The actors were on the set soon enough. Jorge Garcia, Naveen Andrews, and Evangeline Lilly were tended to by wardrobe and make-up, along with another young female actress I didn’t recognize. There was also a young baby getting the star treatment.

Other fans that had gathered speculated that the funeral was for Claire, but I spotted by chance a large portrait being carried into the church. A staid older gentleman with gray hair was depicted. Can’t say for sure, but my mind flashed instantly to Christian Shephard.

The exterior scene involved Sayid and Kate standing outside the church as mourners filed in. A limo arrives, and Hurley exits along with the aforementioned young woman. And the woman, not Kate, is the one carrying the baby. The group hugs and talks briefly at the top of the stairs before heading inside. Though it looked like a flash forward involving many of the “Oceanic Six” (walkie chatter suggested Matthew Fox was en route), there was no flock of press.

Frankly I was more intrigued by Hurley’s companion than the identity of the person being laid to rest. And were they bringing Aaron, or another baby entirely? A friend I saw there said the woman bore a slight resemblance to Marguerite Moreau, a.k.a. Hurley’s crush Starla. But I admit that could just be wishful thinking on my part!

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