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jeudi 21 août 2008

Ausiello's spoilers !

god the set just started and we got many infos ! i still can't wait to have first info of the set with actors
maybe soon !!

Question: Any new information on Lost? I know they start filming pretty soon, and you're good for the spoiler stuff, so hit us up, brother. -- Joseph Robertson
Ausiello: Soon? Try two days ago. Production on season 5 got under way on Monday, and among the many new characters we'll meet in the first ep will be an attractive Asian woman named Martha. She's a smart, capable scientist who's taking a break to raise her baby. Paging Doc Jensen….Doc Jensen to Ask Ausiello, stat…. "At Comic-Con, Cuselof screened a new Dharma video featuring Dr. Marvin Candle, in which he reveals his true name (Pierre Chang) and claims he's sending a message from 30 years in the past to our present moment. During the video, we hear a baby crying, and Chang stands up at one point to tell someone off screen to shush the baby up. Could Martha be Candle/Chang's wife? And if she is, that means her name is likely Martha Chang. Which means she shares a name with Martha Chang, producer of such kid movies as 3 Ninjas and Galgameth, the story of a boy and his dragon." Thanks, Doc! Paging two extra-strength Advil….Two extra strength Advil to Ask Ausiello, STAT….

Question: Do you know what prompts the Oceanic 6 to return to the island this season on Lost? -- Gary
Ausiello: I'm told there are a whole host of reasons, not the least of which involves * ****** ****** ******* ** ****** *****. Or so I hear.

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