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mardi 19 août 2008

spoilers of my heart the return !!

after one day that the set started and ZOU spoilers !!!

wow i'm so happy :D

SPOILER ALERT! Like the first blooms of spring, there’s always something heartwarming about spotting the first location shoot of a new season of “Lost.” Cameras started rolling this morning for Episode 5×01, “Because You Left,” in Kahala in East Honolulu. Shooting took place inside the private residence off Onaha Street that serves as Kate’s post-island home.

There were no sightings of Evangeline Lilly, but a couple of reports trickled in after I stopped by. One, a man in a doctor’s coat, and two, a blond toddler that “couldn’t have been older than two.” Could baby Aaron’s health post-rescue require a house call? Or did my sources just happen to spot random visitors to the set? We’ll have to wait until February to find out.

Elsewhere in Honolulu, a second unit was lensing a scene requiring a group of Spanish speakers. I know this only because of loose lips at the open casting call on Saturday. Where they were, and what they were doing, remains a mystery. If you live on the island and spot “LOST” at work, drop me a line!

ryan infos !


According to our trusty "Super Sock," (Who did furnish some of the ultra awesome and thoroughly accurate asterix quizzes) "Because You Left" deals with several of the Oceanic Six coming to grips with their need to return to the island... on their own terms. If true, this means season five will get right down to it and do away with the issues of Jack 'convincing' Kate to return right off the bat.

In this sense the statement "Because You Left" deals with not a specific set of circumstances, but multiple character's circumstances. Woot. Speculate:
ohhhhhh doc i'm intrigued now :D

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