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lundi 11 août 2008

Lost Stars Seek Big Payday

Looks like Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly are vying for Oceanic-size paychecks.

The two Lost stars are renegotiating their contracts with ABC Studios, according to
The Hollywood Reporter. At present, they each earn approximately $150,000 per episode.

When news of the talks leaked, some of the other Losties — who earn approximately $80,000 to $90,000 an episode, according to THR — put in calls to the studio to revise their contracts, as well.

What do you say — should Fox and Lilly get a raise? What about the rest of the Lost players?

source : tv guide

My opinion ? NOT FAIR AT ALL !
Emerson and Terry deserve it more ! Also Josh 'cause he's fabulous actor and here in France they use EVERYTIME his image to promote lost return !
terry won an emmy remember ?
emerson is nonimated this year remember ?
no i don't think it's fair at all...
i think ALL of them should deserve it not just foxy and evi !

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