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dimanche 24 août 2008

spoilers in french magazine !

I scanned this article for you :) little spoilers for new season even if it's not really new it's more summary lol
enjoy !

In future episodes : Numerous mysteries will be resolved in season 5. We'll learn about what going on with Claire, Rousseau and Richard Alpert's pasts will be revealed. Jin and Locke will still be around this season, according to Lost's producers: "Death is a very relative term on this show"
Most of the episodes will deal about the Oceanic 6 going back on the island and the way Jack will convince them to do so.
So, Kate and Sawyer will consequently be reunited once again.. We will also learn in which circumstances Libby met Hurley in a Mental Institute before the crash.

Damon's part is what he said about the use of both Flashbacks and Flashforwards, and that it'll be difficult to know what's going on about when and where the action takes place in the first episode.

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