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mercredi 25 novembre 2009

Lost University meet your teachers !

Attention class! Your roster of Lost University professors has been revealed and let me tell you, I'm looking forward to learning about "Jungle Survivor Basics" from the likes of Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway, Evangeline Lily and Terry O'Quinn. The quartet of fan favorites are just a few of the cast members who've been tapped to instruct fans in the ways of the Island with Lost University, officially described as an "immersive bonus experience powered by BD-Live technology." BD-Live means you've got to splurge for the Blu-ray release of Season 5 but honestly, if there's one TV show you're going to watch or re-watch on Blu-ray, Lost is it.

And just imagine the hours of educational entertainment that await you once you've enrolled in Lost Univeristy! You'll learn invaluable Island survivial skills like how to hoard cigarettes, alcohol and medical supplies from Josh Holloway.

Jorge Garcia will instruct you in how to collect and catalog in-flight service items strewn across a sandy beach and spot shifty looking individuals in your camp who are not on the flight manifest. Evangeline Lily will show you how to track the nefarious Island natives who like to kidnap pregnant women and bring them to their hidden laboratries for testing. And Terry O'Quinn will let you in on how to tell when it's about to rain, create descension amongst your once unified band of survivors and build a sweat lodge where you'll induce hallucinations about the guy who's dead now thanks to you and a drug smuggler's prop plane. Naveen Andrews, Daniel Dae Kim, Jeremy Davies, Yunjin Kim, Michael Emerson and Henry Ian Cusik will no doubt also have wonderous and useful knowledge to impart upon you as well. It's all here for you at Lost Univeristy! Lost: The Complete 5th Season comes to Blu-ray on December 8th, which gives you just under two-months to re-watch the season before the February 2nd premiere!

source : UGO

btw if someone know how work BD, let's me know, i've LOST blu ray but me and the technology high tech... lol thanks

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