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mercredi 9 janvier 2008

ausiello spoilers

Question: Can you tell us anything about what's going to happen with Jack and Kate on Lost this season? — Heinzy
Ausiello: Yes, but I have to be very careful how I dole out this particular spoiler, because it concerns a pretty jaw-dropping twist — even by Lost standards. Let's see… Jaters will be aflutter when Kate shows romantic interest in future Jack, but it turns out there's another special person in her life already — someone *** *** ** *** *****, *** ****'* **** a ******.

Question: Welcome back! If you're reading this, you must have survived the shooting. Phew! I was almost as worried about you as I was about the Lost Internet buzz. I'm hearing "death" "shocking twist" and "traitor." Does that mean Jack and Juliet won't have any time to make out? Got any Clues? Hints? Poop? — Amy
Ausiello: Unfortunately, I'm hearing there's nothing major going on in the Juliet-Jack universe in the first four episodes — unless you consider "heaps of subtext" to be major. (Hint: You may want to rewind to the Season 3 finale and figure out who initiated that smooch.)

Question: I just saw a preview that said "check out the two-hour Lost season premiere on Jan. 31, 2008." Does that mean they're sandwiching the first two episodes together? — Conor
Ausiello: Sure doesn't. The first episode will be preceded by an hour-long recap special, hence the "two-hour" premiere.

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