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jeudi 31 janvier 2008

Naveen Andrews interview

it's cool to read some news interview of our fav lost cast members after josh it's naveen :D
enjoy ^^

Naveen Andrews Teases Lost's Return: Sayid Will Surprise You!
by Matt Webb Mitovich
Naveen Andrews by Art Streiber/ABC Naveen Andrews, Lost
What's there to be said/recapped that hasn't been said/recapped in the past 200-plus days since Lost served up that terrifically twisty flash-forward-filled finale? But at long last, instead of merely speculating about what happens next, who else will get off the island and what Not Penny's Boat really wants, the action will continue with the arrival of the Season 4 opener tonight at 9 pm/ET on ABC. invited Naveen Andrews to preview the "constantly surprising" episodes to come.

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