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mercredi 23 janvier 2008

"Lost" star finds creepy role satisfying

He’s the most menacing, manipulative character on network television.

As leader of the so-called “Others,” Ben Linus has been a constant threat and devious adversary to the castaways from Oceanic Flight 815.

But there’s more to Ben then meets the eye, says Michael Emerson, the Shakespearian-trained actor who reprised his Emmy-nominated role when ABC’s “Lost” returned Jan. 31 for its fourth season.

“I think the viewers have an incomplete view of Ben, or a view that’s not quite accurate,” Emerson says. “He may be more than this wicked monster. I think his character will be re-contextualized as the show goes on, and people will begin to regard him as someone who’s more heroic.”

That’s just speculation, though, as Emerson — like the rest of the “Lost” cast — has been left in the dark by the show’s creators on how the popular drama’s final 48 episodes will unfold.

Interviewed at home Jan. 16 as he waited out the Hollywood writers’ strike, Emerson chatted about “Lost’s” status as a pop-culture phenomenon. And yes, his telephone voice sounds as eerie as Ben’s, so imagine that voice as you read along.