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jeudi 31 janvier 2008

Evangeline's Interview New Lost Magazine

just a little about evie in this new magazine, i'll add more later
BIG thanks to Amy our sweet fishbiscuit friend :)
enjoy !

When she talks about the scene in The Brig she says, "We did this scene and there was such an immediate and undeniable sense of love, intimacy, and comfort that was there between Kate and Sawyer in that scene, that did not have to be worked for by Josh and me. It's a given. I feel I can't play a scene w/ Sawyer w/out the intimacy."

Then she talks about Catch-22 and says originally the first scene w/ Sawyer coming into her tent was supposed to be played with Kate being colder and brushing him off more, but they changed that. Then (and this is confusing), she says "At the end of the scene when he basically implies she just wants to have sex (she must be referring to the "you don't have to use me" part), Kate loves him and she is confused."

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