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mercredi 16 janvier 2008

Aussiello's Spoilers

Question: Tried to figure out your Lost asterisk quiz about Jack and Kate. Is it "Someone who was on the plane, who wasn't just a friend?" — Tina
Ausiello: Nah. But thanks for playing!

Question: I have a big challenge for our favorite scoop hunter: Find me a Lost spoiler concerning Claire. I know, I know, it's a rare and elusive thing. But you can do it, right?! — Fleur
Ausiello: Sure can. You've heard of Laverne & Shirley? Get ready for Claire & Kate.

Question: Someone who was on the plane, but didn't make a splash?" — Bill
Ausiello: Nah. But thanks for playing!

Question: I have a question about Lost. At the end of last season, the producers said there would only be 48 more episodes, to be divided into 16-episode chunks and spread out over three seasons. But with the writers' strike, there will probably be only eight episodes this season, not 16. So, my question: Will they tack on an additional eight episodes next season, bringing the Season 5 total to 24 episodes? — Fran
Ausiello: That's the million-dollar question, Fran. Luckily, exec producer Carlton Cuse offered to answer it for free. " We can't determine right now how we will manage production or when we will return to the air," he told me. "It completely depends on how long the strike lasts. As soon as the strike is over, we will sit down and figure that all out."

Question: "Someone who was on the plane, but wasn't even a Lostie?" — Howdavenport

Ausiello: Nah. But thanks for playing!

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