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vendredi 4 janvier 2008

Foxy's interview

some spoilers for season4 !
plus you can see new promo pic of season4 in this article

the interesting thing i noticed in this interview
Jack and the other people, upon getting back to the world, are not being honest with the world. They are covering up [something]. That's an agreement that they've all reached. And it's a weird, gross little bond that they have with each other. They don't see each other much, but when they see each other, it's incredibly awkward. And this lie — you can cut it with a knife amongst them.

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Juan a dit…

I'm glad that you come back!!!
i like very much this blog, because your the onlyone that you bring new interesting things about lost, I hope you bring the Lost poster of season 4. By!

PD: My apologies if I wrote any wrong word, because i'm from Chile, osea hablo español xD, Chao

Anonyme a dit…

parf ad athuga:)