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mardi 8 janvier 2008

Mobi#8 and 9

i'm in late to post news mobisodes ! sorry

Mobisode#8 : Buried Secrets
when i started to watch lost in france, i never saw the kate/sawyer/jack triangle lool no kidding but i noticed the triangle between mike/sun/jin and i wondered if they could get close so this missing piece didn't surprised me. i don't call mike and sun relationship love but confort plus at this time jin was very great with her but we know the reason and now they're an happy couple so i'm fine with it :)


mobisode#9: Tropical Depression
i really don't like this mobisode, i mean well it's great to learn arzt story but for lost story it wasn't necessary (imo) but i found interesting he lied to mike but we know for example he never lied to nikki about the spiders so docarzt is a interesting and funny character sad he is dead could be great character in some way !

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