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lundi 4 janvier 2010

From Kristin

Do you ever get that feeling in the pit of your stomach that's basically a red alarm warning you not to do something?

Well, that's precisely the feeling I'm (stupidly?) ignoring right now as I cave in and give you highly vocal "Skaters," "Jaters" and "Sulieters" what you've been asking--no, begging--for since our 12 Days of Lost-mas began: Some sort of info as to where Lost's romantic storylines may be heading in the upcoming season.

So why is the red alarm going off? 'Cause this is highly volatile subject matter, people!

But you asked, so here we go. Don't shoot the messenger...

Six of these things are true:

Juliet survives the bomb.
Juliet does not survive the bomb.
Kate and Sawyer flirt.
Kate and Sawyer kiss.
Juliet and Sawyer kiss.
Jack and Sayid touch lips.
There is a scene with Sawyer in the season premiere that will make you cry buckets--assuming you aren't a robot--and (possibly?) make you Skaters happy.
Which one is false?


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