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mercredi 6 janvier 2010

From Kristin

12th Day of Lost-Mas: Awesome New Promo Photo and Your Questions Answered

The nerve!

For the past two weeks we've been giving you scoop after scoop on the upcoming final season of Lost, via our first annual (and sob, last ever) 12 Days of Lost-mas, and apparently you people still have questions!

I kid. Naturally, there are always more questions when it comes to Lost--it's how this show works, right? So for our last hurrah of Lost-mas, I will tackle some of the questions/guesses you fans have sent in, including what to think of the kick-ass "Lost Supper" above...

Helena: [Re: Locke Serves Up a Jaw-Dropper] I'm so glad to hear there's something good in store for Terry O'Quinn. Will he be a big player this season?

And how. Check out the ABC promo photo up there! You can't get much bigger than the Jesus chair, right? Locke/Terry is more important than ever in season six (and, yes, will serve up a jaw-dropper) and as boss Carlton Cuse told The Hollywood Reporter: "Jack and Locke have always been at the center of the show, that dilemma of faith vs. reason, and the conflict between those two characters has been there since the beginning. It's very exciting to bring that relationship to its conclusion." Terry has never been more commanding (nor terrifyingly awesome) than this season. I smell Emmy!

Josh in Michigan: Any chance Maggie Grace's character, Shannon, will be back on Lost for the final season?
According to my sources (including Maggie's rep), Maggie still has not shot anything new yet for Lost, and is not expected at the season premiere party in Hawaii later this month. As you've probably heard by now, we will see Ian Somerhalder (Boone) again on the new season, and as I mentioned in the first day of Lost-mas, Maggie's absence will be explained by a change to Shannon's backstory. It's pretty surprising!

Lee: Kristin, When you refer to a "Lostie", do you also use that term for what we know to be "Others"?
In one instance during Lost-mas, I used the word "Lostie" for someone who was not on Oceanic Flight 815.

Francesca: Kristin, are most of your spoilers in Lost-mas about the beginning of the season or the season as a whole?
The beginning. This may or may not explain some of the confusion about seemingly conflicting scoop on other sites that some of you have asked about. I have been asked not to give scoop too far out so that hopefully you fans can still let the series unfold in a way that will surprise you. As many of you know, I try to tease without giving too much away, because I know many of you don?t want to be truly spoiled. (On that note I apologize for the Lost-mas Sayid headline that concerned many of you, but I believe you'll understand when you see the episode.)

Alex: [Re: Where?s Desmond?] OMG! I hope they don't kill Desmond off. He's one of the consistently good characters on the show plus his performances are very good.
Des rocks! So far I see no need to worry, but it's wise to pray for all the characters you love this season. It's the end, so anyone can go.

Kat: [Re: This Scoop Is a Matter of Life and Death] I bet Hurley tries to kill himself. We already know he has some depressive tendencies.
That?s not who I?m talking about.

jk fan: [Re: Who Is the New Big Bad?] It?s Shannon?s brother (Ian Somerhalder).
Yes and we'll find out he killed someone's wife. Oh wait, sorry...Wrong show!

Heidi: [Re: Arresting Development] I'm guessing Charlie for drugs, Sayid for murder/espionage, and maybe Sawyer for being a con artist.
One of your guesses is right.

Mark: Kristen, have you seen what ******* is saying about you? He is using your information to lure people to his site and then dissing you right and left. And I?m sure you know that all the shippers hate you too right now. I can't even imagine how much hate mail you are getting!
Sorry to end on a weird note, but I did want to address the negativity that's been flying around lately, for you who care. All I can say is that I write about Lost because I am above all else a diehard fan and I want to do everything within my power to make the fan experience more enjoyable for you. I'm sure that sometimes I fail (I know I have), but I have tried my best to do right by you fans and have done so for five seasons. I hope that some of you will continue to love this show and talk about this show in this section for the final season. But if my section upsets you in some way, and you choose to stay away from my Lost coverage, I completely understand! This is entertainment, guys, it should be fun! Lost is an incredible, emotionally engaging and intellectually stimulating series that has the power to unite those of us who love talking about it, and I for one am looking forward to sharing the final season with any of you who are on board.

As for the shippers, I?m not sure this will help, but for what its worth, I swear to you that I personally have no preference whatsoever as to whether Kate ends up with Jack or Sawyer--or neither, or both! Honestly. I fully trust the writers to do what they feel is right and I?m sorry if I?ve said anything to make you feel otherwise. I just want to go back to loving this show and getting excited about the final season. Together.

(If I've managed to say something else that offended someone in the above apology, so, per usual, you can address your hate mail to )

Thanks very much for partaking in Lost-mas with me, and I'll see you on the other side, brothas!

Feb. 2. ABC.


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