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samedi 25 juillet 2009

Comic con live event

Hi guys i'll try to post everything we'll get online soon so check my blog

for now
7:00PM (my time) : Darlton, Jorge, Emerson, Josh and Nestor were seen !
stay stuned for more !

7:12PM free poster for the finale season (thanks ryan for taking the pics for us ) and PENCIL of the LOST university

7:24 PM :
new photos of the Hall (always ryan that i thanks a lot for us who can't be here)

7:34 PM : doc reveals that terry is here too !!!! AND There is a mysterious sixth seat!

7: 59 PM(one minute !!) panoramic view of the HALL !

jopinionated :mystery box on panel stage near nametags for Darlton

8:06 PM : The entire multiseason cast is appearing in the screen -- Locke is facing backwards!
jengod: Promo for Lost University, polar bear and physics studies.

08:10 PM : new promo
jengod: They're showing a fake ABC documentary about the Dharmaites. Tells us to piece the puzzle together. Mysteries of the Universe. Credits look just like Fringe credits. LOL - sponsored by Kia
"Nobody's gonna take me alive." Music video recap of season five. LOST: THE FINAL SEASON.
darlton are HERE !

08 :11PM :
jengod: Carlton: "We are very excited to be here for our final CC...the most important thing we could do is honor the fans. Our theme is fan appreciation."
Damon mentions the camper-outers. That's us!
Carlton: We wanted to celebrate some of the stuff that you have made

08 :14PM :Lost parties...Dharma products...Dharma cake... And now we're reliving ANa-Lucia and Libby.
Fanvids. Muppet babies meets Lost. Jack has problems with his Xbox. I heart fanvids. Red Sox Natioan for life. JAWYER VID!
08 :16PM : Damon thanks fans for that
08:18PM jengod: They want to try to show us that they weren't always just making it up as we went along. Damon: "We have talked for quite some time about how the final scene of the show is in paper." Damon and Carlton both have a page of the last scene.

Final pages of Lost...Stapling them together. Carlton is securing the pages in the box. Night of the finale they will go on Jimmy Kimmel Live and open the box and read the pages proving that this is the final scene of the show. Carlton and Damon have the keys on their person. Don't mug them!
jengod: WOW, the question line is all the way around the perimeter of the room. The sayer of the "secret word" during a question will get a special present.
televisionary We'll be seeing many characters we haven't seen since Season One.

by jengod
Q: Will season six have similarities to season one? Damon: "The biggest moment in the show's life was when we were able to announce the show's death." They will be closing a loop. Good chance you will be seeing many familiar characdters. Carlton: There was a running around the jungle feel in season one, and the emotional discovery in the first season, we have a way that we can do that in the final season. Damon: It's our goal to watch the final season of the show and not know what we're going to do next.

jengod: Will Faraday be happily married with children next season? CC: "Faraday is dead. If you like zombie weddings, maybe." Damon: "If Jack and crew were successful, it could mean that Faraday was happily married." Carlton: You will see Faraday. Yay Jeremy Davies.
08:26PM : Carlton: Each season of the series is its own thing. Season six is different. Time travel season is over, Flash Forward season is over.

08:28PM : Ryan: Fan contest for theme song. Over 100 submissions. Connor Mcfarlane, runner up. Winner, Matt, Prose (?), and Erin from San Diego.

08:29PM :jopinionated Hurley commercial!
ryan :
Sponsor messages from Oceanic Airlines, Mr. Clucks (with Hugo Reyes), America's Most Wanted wants Kate Austen.

08:31PM jengod: America's Most Wanted segment about Kate Austen! John Walsh hosts. Awesome.
What?! John Walsh is saying Kate killed her stepdad's plumbing business assistant not her evil stepdad. Weird.
08:32PM Jorge Garcia is here !
08:33PM jengod: Jorge's Q: Were the last five seasons wiped away by Jack's plan?
Carlton: "Just trust us." Jorge: "Last time I trusted you you said Nikki and Paolo were going to be awesome."
Jorge: You're gonna answer all the Q's? Damon: Everything that matters.

08:34PM Emerson is there !
Emerson: "What happened to one question per person?!"
08:36Pm :
jengod Jorge and Michael's banter is awesome. Video coming.
slLOST Ben audition tape as Hurley
08:38Pm :jengod: Jorge to Emerson: "You wanna dance? Let's dance."
jengod: Emerson is wearing a bandana and cargo shorts. Hilar. looooool
08:40Pm :televisionary "We would be incredibly remiss if we didn't give you Richard's backstory before the end of the series." -Carlton Cuse
08:42PM :
jengod: Q: When are we going to get a Richard Alpert flashback? Is it going to be coincident to the arrival of the Black Rock? A: We will get Richard's backstory before the show ends. Richard's flashback is fairly involved.
Q: Is Juliet OK? And if she's not, can you make her OK?
Damon: Did the bomb detonation have the desired effect, if it did, she's OK. If it didn't, prognosis not so great. Elizabeth Mitchell will be in Lost in the final season
Question asker with time paradox problem has a nose bleed. "Hold on, I need my constant." It's Dharma beer.
Bob Stencil gets a T-shirt.

08:47 Pm : Ryan Is Jacob's nemesis named Esau? Emerson: That may be too much, but I like the way you're thinking.
Nestor Carbonell in the house! Now Stuart is on the mic! Who made the food drop? May cover in S6.
jengod: Q: Is Jacob's friend at the beach named Esau? Michael Emerson: We deal in biblical imagery, so that might be too much, but I like the way your mind is working.
jengod: Q: Does Nestor Carbonell wear eyeliner? Nestor is here backstage!

08:49PM :jopinionated Hmmmm...Emile de Ravin here?
jopinionated lol or not, no Claire in person

08:52PM : jopinionated Sawyer is here!! well, Josh holloway

08:55PM televisionary Holloway shocked Damon and stole his key to the lockbox. ;)

08:56PM jopinionated Emerson steals 'final scene' from Heroes!!

08:58PM televisionary Script pages are for #Heroes, not #Lost. Big top explosion, Sylar, Parkman. This is hilarious! "WTF is this?"
09:00PM televisionary In Memorium video for all of the characters who have died over the years.
09:03 PM televisionary
You are LOST but not forgotten. Dominic Monaghan in the house!!!!

09:04 PM
BuddyTV Dominic showed up at the end. The final season of LOST will be the biggest thing ever. Great Comic-Con panel!

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