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jeudi 23 juillet 2009

SD Actors Meet Josh Holloway ("Sawyer" on LOST) in LA, Tues July 28th! (Santa Monica, CA)

Los Angeles and San Diego acting instructor, Tom Ardavany, founder and director of THE ARDAVANY APPROACH, will be having a special panel discussion with his former student, Josh Holloway ("Sawyer" on ABC's LOST), Tuesday, July 28th, at 8pm in Santa Monica, CA. Tickets are only $25!

Josh will be sharing his experiences working on the set and relating how his training with Tom has helped him with his work over the years. Please see the attached flyer for the details.

THE PANEL NOTICE GOES PUBLIC IN LA TOMORROW, so if you can attend, you MUST CALL TODAY to book your seat(s). The venue is very intimate (only 60 seats total are available) and spaces will go fast. Call THE APPROACH STUDIOS in LA to reserve your space at: 310-450-2848

We really want San Diego Actors and Filmmakers represented so that we can persuade Josh to come down south to talk to us directly! Thanks and we'll see you Tuesday!


Tom Ardavany is a Los Angeles acting instructor who has led 5 of his acting clients on to win two Golden Globe and three Emmy awards. He teaches THE ARDAVANY APPROACH to film and theater actors, writers and directors in Los Angeles and offers entry, intermediate and professional level acting classes in Encinitas, Ca. Actor Neil McDonough (Desperate Housewives, Band of Brothers) calls Tom, "The best f**king teacher in this (Hollywood) town!"

On Camera acting classes are held every Thursday evening at 960 2ND street, 2nd floor, in Encinitas from 8pm-11pm. Interested students may audit Tom's class when space is available but an RSVP is REQUIRED. Please contact Debi Beard: for audit availability. Auditing is only available for first time, non-participating prospective students.

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