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samedi 11 juillet 2009

Create your LOST theme for comic con !

A call to all Dharma Bassists, Bassoonists, Bandurists, Bouzouki players, Cellists, Clarinetists, Drummers, Electronic Musicians, Flautists, Guitarists, Harpists, Hornists, Keyboardists, Oboists, Pianists, Percussionists, Saxophonists, Sawists, Sitarists, Trombonists, Trumpeters, Tubists, Violinists, and any and all alike....

For this year's Comic-Con panel, our theme is about giving back to YOU...the fans!!! It is because of you that we are celebrating our 5th year at Comic-Con, and we would love to incorporate your astounding creativity. We'd like to feature YOUR ideal version of what you think a LOST title song would be (if the show had one). Over the years, we've been witness to your incredibly innovative pieces on LOST, and would love to hear your fetchy melody for LOST which you were waiting to share!

Please click here to see the letters of rules and regulations (including spec delivery) for more information on how to enter and where to mail your original recording on tape or CD. And, as always, thank you for your consideration and continued support.

Rock your Lost on!

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