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lundi 27 juillet 2009

lost poster for season 6

Update 07/27/09 : new poster, i dunno who posted it i'm so sorry with all news i'm lost so i credited everyone who was at cc for it lol
now i can see better and here my finale list !

dan, boones, miles, michael, ana, charlotte, shannon, desmond, eko, kate, jack, sawyer, locke, ben, sayid, libby, sun, jin, claire, hurley, juliet, charlie, frank, bernard, richard ?, rose

and also a vid to introduce the poster during the panel thanks ODI


at comic con people got chance to see the first look of the poster for the LAST season of lost
i tried to see who was on it and here my list maybe i'm wrong lol it's not easy it's not BIG pic. tell me your list too !
I see dan, boone, maybe miles, richard, possibly claire, charlotte, shannOn, dunno, eko, kate, jack, sawyer, locke, ben, sayid, libby, sun, i think it's piKki lol, hurley, rose, charlie,jin, bernard and then the 2 last i dunno

and check too the hieroglyphs too ! what it mean ?

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