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lundi 27 juillet 2009

'Lost' star Josh Holloway relishes fatherhood

thank su from outlaws for the head up
The Lost panel has been well-attended every year at Comic-Con since the pilot first debuted there in 2005, and one of this year’s surprise guests Saturday was Josh Holloway, who plays the antiheroic Sawyer in ABC’s hit drama. Holloway flew in from Hawaii (where Lost films and he and his family live) for the occasion. He talked to our Brian Truitt about how his focus was split this past season between his newborn baby on the way and the show’s time-traveling fifth year, in which he became one of the show’s biggest heroes. “I was working so much,” Holloway says. “I was just thinking, ‘Man, Sawyer talks a lot in the ‘70s! What’s wrong with this guy? He’s lippy!’ But as the season goes, I go, OK, I see kinda where this is going, because they never let us know where it’s going.”

Holloway and his wife Yessica’s first child, a little girl named Java, was born in April, and he says the best part of fatherhood for him changes often. “Now it’s just those smiles,” he says. “Every morning when I first get to see the little bean smile, it just makes my heart explode. It’s really just added richness to my life. I don’t care how everything else goes now, as long as I’m a good father.”

The upcoming sixth season premiering early next year, which Holloway begins work on next month, will also be the final one for the series. So will he stay in Hawaii after it’s over, since he’s built a life there? “I’m working on my bikini tan and my surfboard business, but it’s not coming along too good,” Holloway jokes. “I’m not sure. We’re in love with Hawaii, we have very close friends there, and I fish like mad. So we’re gonna keep the place and go in and out, unless acting goes the way normally acting goes and I’m broke and I have to rent it.”

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