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lundi 6 juillet 2009

Jack bender interview about LOST season5 and 6

thanks su from outlaws for the summary
Season 6: Filming Begins August 24th, Jack Bender to Direct 2 Hour Premiere

-He knows the ending but not every detail. He doesn’t even know the details of the premiere episode. He knows the overall arc.

-Audience was surprised by Juliet’s death, surprise is a good thing, characters flawed, you don’t expect one lead putting bamboo under fingernails of another lead, shows characters more lost in past than they are now on the island. Writers have been very bold. We show real black and white storytelling. In the storytelling they kill people you love and that’s part of the reality of life as the show.

“I think in the same way there were some people who were probably annoyed at us for killing Juliet, and yet it was a necessary step in the storytelling of the show.”

Will more people die?
-It’s a dangerous island. Our show has always been about survival. The one thing I can say about the final season is it will be satisfying like season 1 in that it focused on the characters.

Will we see dead characters come back?
-You’ll find out.

Will Dominic be back?
-He won’t address that. His death was one of the most powerful moments on the series. Writers don’t take the easy path. Dharma story could have been terrible but it was good, and that’s true of a lot of bold choices they made.

-Had to reduce some things in S4 because of writer’s strike. Each season is a book so they had to change it so it wouldn’t overlap in S5.

-Talking about Flash Forward. You never know what is going to work and what isn’t. Nobody thought Lost would work. Part of the challenge is keeping the characters first.

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