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jeudi 23 juillet 2009

Lost Bosses Aim to Keep Secrets at Comic-Con "Farewell Tour"

While Lost fans still have 18 hours of supernatural storytelling to look forward to come 2010, one harsh reality stands true: The ABC serial's appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con this Saturday will be its very last visit to that very big show.

"As Carlton [Cuse] says, it's 'the Cher farewell tour,'" fellow executive producer Damon Lindelof tells "So he will be performing 'Believe' in a unitard." Without missing a beat, Cuse confirms his plan to get "hair extensions" in time for his big number.

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In all seriousness, the Lost bosses are taking this year's Con-fab very seriously, seeing as "it's our chance to commune with our most committed fans," says Cuse. "We go to Comic-Con to put on a really good panel, and this year will be the same."

What can the lucky throngs pouring into the San Diego Convention Center's Hall H on Saturday morning expect from one of the convention's hottest tickets, the "Lost: The Final Season Begins" panel?

"We're going to be showing some things, some new material," Lindelof teases. "And then we open the floor to fan questions, and answer them as honestly as we can."

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But will that fan Q&A be spoilery? Lindelof says he and Cuse plan to "leak out some of the things we want to share," yet he also affirms the producers' resolve to keep details about Lost's swan song under the biggest lock and key in the drama's already-covert history.

"We're going to be very protective of the story in this final season," says Lindelof, "because we want people to watch."

But lest Comic-Conventioneers worry about walking away empty-handed, Cuse promises this: "There will be some cool stuff revealed, no question."

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