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mercredi 29 juillet 2009

Josh Holloway's summary at The Ardavany Approach

a big thanks to for sharing a summary to me of the event Josh was yesterday :)
More details and possibly video, photos soon
btw if you take it, please credit my blog too i could appreciate thanks :)

1.) People fart and play scrabble a lot on the set. (he mentioned this more than 3 times, lol)

2.) When it comes to love scenes, he discusses the boundaries with the actress before shooting, and away from set. Most actresses (including Evangeline Lily) tell him "to just go for it and do whatever he wants!" He doesn't get nervous with her anymore but he used to. Aw.

3.) Elizabeth Mitchell is great and he got to the emotional center in that moment by visualizing losing his wife and/or child and thinking about what it would really mean to be unable to save their lives.

4.) The set is dangerous and you have to be your own advocate. Take control of the scene and make it safe for yourself.

5.) He loves the action sequences and the fight scenes.

6.) He does not know what is going to happen on the show, and he got the pages of the finale script less than 3 hours before he shot it.

7.) 90% of the lines uttered as Juliet is about to fall are ad-libbed. The only scripted line for Sawyer to say: "Don't let go." So wow, Josh really added a lot of layers to that with his peformance.

8.) The close ups of the scenes were done indoors with Elizabeth and Josh at the top of an erected set with a 40ft drop. Josh watched her fall and was able to react to that rather than just imagining it.

9.) If he hits Matthew Fox in a scene, it's Foxy's responsibility to sell the punch, not Josh's! LOL.

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