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vendredi 3 juillet 2009

Team Darlton talk 'Lost'!

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Was it always a plan to kill off Juliet in s5 finale

-Carlton doesn't want to comment on it because they're still in radio silence when it comes to the events in s5 finale
-Damon: They won't answer the question was it always a plan to kill off Juliet because that implies that Juliet has been killed off. They will just remind us that all we saw was severely injured Juliet banging on H-bomb, so draw your own conclusions. Everything they did in s5 finale was planned and s5 was mapped out because of the time travel element. There wasn't room for errors.

A lot of fans assume Juliet is dead and have been quite angry about that. What do you make of fan reaction?

-Carlton said that they are excited that fans were engaged to speculate about s5 finale and that's what they wanted, and also for fans to spend time between s5 and s6 discussing about finale.

Over the 5 years you have killed off a lots of characters. As this is the finale season, we will see some of them coming back?
Damon: "We're being purposely 'cagey' of what we will be doing in final season of Lost." They want to give characters a curtain call.

Will the fans be satisfied?
-Damon: Absolutely not. There will be tremendous amount of anger, frustration, how could they do that, I feel betrayed. Why, Carton, why?
-Carlton said they plan to channel most of the anger to Jorge Garcia and everyone will blame Jorge.

MF told us few weeks ago that he knows what the final image is going to be. Is that accurate?
-Damon said that it's probably accurate that MF knows ending of the show. They're just hoping he shares it with them before they write it. He won't return their phone calls, their e-mails.....Matthew, if you're watching, they're ready to know the ending.

What was the reason for removing Claire this year?

-Carlton said they were telling a different story she wasn't a part of. It's hard to service all the characters all the time and they knew this season wasn't about her story. But she is coming back for s6 and they're excited about her story.

Deal about Libby; will we ever get a closure?
-Damon said that they depend on actors wanting to play the characters, how they had story planned for Mr. Eko, but Adewale wanted off the show....You can't blame the actors for not wanting to play a character...Plans to resolve Libby's story failed because Cynthia didn't want to participate.....Long story short about will we ever see why Libby was in mental institution; Libby's husband died, she was in mental institution, she got out, gave Desmond the boat, that's the story.

So, is it coincidental that Hurley and Libby were there?
-Damon: No more coincidental than any of our characters running into each other.

-They didn't answer will they give the story about Henry Gale.

-They love Comic Con, it kicks off each season of the show....Hopefully we will have fun panel this year, and they do have some surprises.

-When finale airs they will go in hiding, on disclosed location. The show has to speak for itself. It wouldn't be a Lost series finale if there wouldn't be a debate between fans about what it all meant.

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