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samedi 12 septembre 2009

Evi french interview about the end of the LOST, kate's choice etc

Update 09-14 : Added evi article scanned

big thanks of myl from outlaws for the translation of this french interview
THe interviewer spoke of finale season but maybe Evi made it when she was in France on april (but she have had already finished to film s5 at this point)
I'll try to get a scan soon i can :)
enjoy !
Evangeline Lilly answered to a few questions from our TéléStar magazine's journalist, as she is shooting episodes for the last season of Lost.

Evangeline claims "I'm glad that Lost is coming to an end soon!"

Five years after her débuts in Lost, she's still the same. The beautiful Canadian actress expresses herself with her own French, which only adds to her charm.

TS: Tell us. Will your character, Kate, finally make a choice between Jack or Sawyer?
Evi: I'd like to know the answer as well. Unfortunately, the scenarios are kept secret so I don't know anything.

TS: And you, who woud YOU want her to chose?
Evi: I would like to say Sawyer. He's more abrupt (blunt), more direct (straightforward?) maybe, even if his flaws makes him a complex character.
I like his adventurous side.

Then she talks about how glad she is to leave Hawaii and her actress job in Lost, because she feels like she wants her life back, being free to go everywhere etc and she says that her and EM became real friends.

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