Evangeline Lilly eats 'whatever the hell' she wants 24 hours before a big event. The 'Lost' actress restricts her diet for a week running up to a red carpet appearance, but doesn't se the point in panicking in the last few hours hours. She explained: 'I cut sugar and alcohol a week before an event. That trims the excess three to five pounds I like to carry to be healthy. The day before, I eat whatever the hell I want. I'm not going to put on weight in 24 hours.' Evangeline, 30, admits she isn't a fan of the figure-hugging costumes she has to wear on the US TV show, but her concerns are not listened to by the costume department. She told Britain's InStyle magazine: 'I hate the tight tops I wear on 'Lost'. I've had little victories from time to time, when my character Kate has been allowed to wear something baggier. I'd say I've had a 10 to 15 per cent success rate. 'My new acid-wash jeans did not impress the 'Lost' cast. Everyone was like, 'You're wearing acid wash?' I tried to explain they're in fashion, but they just didn't get it.'