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jeudi 24 septembre 2009

Sonya Walger interview about LOST end

here Sonya's interview and the part related to LOST
don't forget FF tonight ! and let's me know if you loved :)

Will your involvement in the final season of Lost affect your role on FlashForward?
"I don't know if I'm in the final season of Lost - no-one tells me anything! My hunch is that you'll see Penny again because I can't believe that they would just never refer to her again, but I have no idea. Luckily, they're both ABC shows, so it's in-house. I'm not being traded across party lines!"

When Lost ends, do you think fans of the show will jump on-board FlashForward?
"I hope so. I think Lost is like losing a friend or a relative or someone. You can't replace it with another one. Lost holds a very special place in people's hearts and I wouldn't presume to say that FlashForward will replace Lost. I think it provides a lot of the same adrenaline and fascination and entertainment. It will help ease the pain of losing Lost! I think it will appeal to the very same audience."

Do you think that's why yourself and Dominic Monaghan were brought on board?
"It's hard to say. On the one hand, I hope I was chosen because I was the best person for the part. I don't think it hurt that I was on Lost and people liked my character and people want to see what else Penny is up to. And I think the same is true for Dominic. It doesn't hurt that either of us were on Lost and it doens't help that John Cho was on Star Trek. It doesn't hurt that Joe Fiennes has done many great films! Any time you cast an actor, you don't just cast that actor; you cast all their other performances as well. Nobody assumes that just because I'm in it, the whole of the Lost audience will watch it."

How has it been working with Dominic again? How do your characters come across each other?
"It's funny because I'm actually filming with Dominic for the first time - our paths never crossed. We had one scene together where I was on a small TV screen, so we actually shot that apart - he was in Hawai'i and I was in Broadway doing Frost/Nixon. We never actually met until he came to do FlashForward. This far, we still haven't done a scene together! I met him on the set and we've hung out at some photoshoots but I've yet to do a scene with him. He seems great. I'm sure he's a lovely guy!"

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