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jeudi 3 septembre 2009

My vampire diaries review

I got chance to see the vampire diaries pilot (twice) and because we can see one of our LOST actors (Ian Somerhalder), i wanted to share with you my feeling of this pilot.
First i was attracted to this new show 'cause i'm vampire girl lol i'm such hardcore fan of Buffy, now twilight (maybe soon true blood if my friend don't stop to say to me WATCH it ^^) I never read the book so my feeling can't be compared to any book, maybe it's better 'cause i see my experience with Harry Potter and Twilight and the movie always disappointed me...

So the pilot presented us, Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) the most important girl who will be in two vampires life Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) in the pilot you can see the first "battle" between the two brothers. I dunno the issue of this triangle and DON'T SPOIL ME please lol

Elena have a brother called Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) who have a lot of difficult in his life, he seems to drugg himself a lot to erase the pain of losing their parents in car's accident. Elena dealt with it in another way, she don't show her feeling, she tries to smile and not make people worry, she was popular and have a lot of friends but she feel very lonely and could just want to hide herself for years lol but Stefan will catch her feeling and i think it's where their connection will start really.

I really loved the way they introduced the show, you start with a couple who are in car and they got issue with it and then VAMPIRE ATTACK, of course during the episode you wonder if it's Stefan or someone else. Of course is it ! Damon is the contrary of Stefan, he don't hide his vampire's side and hates Stefan tries to be someone NORMAL. Stefan wears a ring but i didn't get really what this ring do to him, i could think if he don't wear it so long, he couldn't control his vampire's side in front of human...

I also really loved the introduction of Stefan at school, Elena and her friend Bonnie (Katerina Graham) saw an HOT guy and Bonnie wish he could be hot as his ass is or something like that. Stefan used his vampire's power on people too to be at school without issue. The really first meeting face to face with Elena will happen later when she'll leave the man toilets after a "fight" with his brother. You can see the awkwardness side but also the way both are attracted to eachother.
Later on the episode, Damon made appearance too, when Elena is at cimetary to visit her parents's tomb, seem Damon have power to become a raven but there is no real meeting between the two of them yet (we should wait episode 1x02 for that which i can't really wait).

The pilot continues in a way of Elena tried to be happy girl but also introduced stefan in her friends life, of course some will be agree, some others not really. I'll not say more about the rest of the episode but it's clear Stefan and Elena drawn for eachother very fast. There is a bond between them but also 'cause Elena is the copy of Stefan's lover Katherine, which it seem where the battle with Damon started (i dunno yet the issue). I dunno too if Elena is from Katherine's family but i suppose.
The scene i really loved was when they introduced Damon ! For me Ian was AMAZING, very dark, i loved his smirk, his behaviour, there is no more Boone here in my mind, Damon caught my attention a lot, Ian played it very very very well, i can't hate him for the crual vampire he's lol Ian shown a Damon very smart, strong, funny and HOT lol I really can't wait to see more episodes and his relation with Elena, sometimes i really HATE love triangle but it's kinda interesting to start with characters as Damon when you see how Elena is, pure innocent and HIM the evil man lol. Stefan is great too and i'm intrigued in him but if i should choose for now, i could follow Damon lol
So my opinion of the pilot is very great, i didn't know the book but vampire diaries caught my attention and as vampire girl i'm, i looking for more :)

speaking of Ian, here several promo pics of Damon :)

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