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lundi 21 septembre 2009

My night with the Emmy !

hi guys tonight lyly will not sleep very very much lol

update 05:18 : leaving, my bed waiting me ! night everyone and viva LOST !

update 05:04Am :LOST didn't win for the best writers or the best episode but still CONGRAT TO EMERSON ! and no matter the Emmy ! for me LOST is the best show in my life !

update 04:45 : funny presentation by darlton (for the incident) where carlton hit damon lol (it's happen when both are disagree lol)

update 04:33 emerson pic with his emmy

update 04;27 : more pics thanks Hely from outlaws


update 04:01AM : Yunjin Kim on the red carpet

Update 03:38AM : just funny song between Nathan Fillion (Kevin On LOST) and still NPH or i could say doctor Horrible lol

update 02:07Am : emmy started, here a pic of emerson inside :) little joke about LOST with the opening by NPH

update 01:28 : Terry said he'll be back to play on LOST next week and more photos thanks Hely from outlaws

update 01:24 : Terry on TV GUIDE channel !

update 01:10AM : kristin scoop about LOST
kristinalert Michael Emerson says we "wouldn't be wrong" to expect dead people back on Lost. West Coasters, keep watching E! for my scoop on who/when.

update 00:51 : DDK and Jorge at the red carpet

update 00:42 : DDK spotted on the red carpet thanks Hely from outlaws

update 00:36 : yunjin and jorge !

update 00:28: emerson and his wife on the red carpet !

here first news
Jorge and Terry are here too !
thanks for Terry's pic

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